Apr 19, 2021

Diamondback AC, Heating & Refrigeration Installing Product To Kill COVID-19

Diamondback AC, Heating & Refrigeration releases important information about its latest product offering, the Reme Halo In-Duct Air Purification System. Further information can be found at

Apr 19, 2021

InvestorNewsBreaks – AmpliTech Group Inc. (NASDAQ: AMPG) Announces Details about Capital Raise, Strategic Plan 

AmpliTech Group (NASDAQ: AMPG, AMPGW), a designer, developer and manufacturer of custom and standard state-of-the-art RF (“RF”) components for commercial, SATCOM, space, defense and military markets, has provided an update on its fundraising efforts and allocation of funds. Since uplisting to the Nasdaq in February 2021, the company has raised more than $30 million, an […]

Apr 19, 2021

Booze and Bubbles Brings Booze to the Doorstep

Booze and Bubbles offers two unique services which every current or prospective client could benefit from.

Apr 19, 2021

CryptoNewsBreaks – Why Perpetual Industries Inc. (PRPI) Is ‘One to Watch’

Perpetual Industries (OTC: PRPI) is an incubator for the development of innovative technologies aimed at commercializing products with the potential to impact and advance a wide range of industries on a global scale. The company’s leadership team is comprised of experts and trusted industry partners with the resources to provide essential components needed to drive […]

Apr 19, 2021

DGBELL Environmental Test Chambers

DGBELL, the dependable source for high-speed test services and digital chambers manufacturing, has now declared the 16th year of the provider's high-performance environmental test chambers.

Apr 19, 2021

Fireside Project Set to Launch Peer Support Line for Psychedelic Users

The Fireside Project is set to launch the first psychedelics peer support hotline in the world. Its creator, Joshua White, revealed that the concept behind the support line was to offer support to people who are experiencing an intense psychedelic trip or those who want to process an intense psychoactive experience they’ve gone through. White stated that the idea […]

Apr 19, 2021

Spring Power & Gas Continues to Support Bethesda Green's Environmental Leaders Program

NEW YORK - April 20, 2021 - ( Spring Power & Gas is excited to announce that it will continue to support Bethesda Green this year through a contribution to the organization's Environmental Leaders Program. Spring Power & Gas is an energy retailer that prides itself on offering innovative solutions for electricity and natural gas to renters and homeowners in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Thanks to the Ecogold Environmental Fund, Spring Power & Gas is able to contribute to environmental non-profits, such as Bethesda Green. Bethesda Green has been a valuable ongoing partner to Spring Power & Gas since 2019, and the company has been offering its support to the Environmental Leaders Program every year since. Bethesda Green is a non-profit organization that works to address environmental challenges locally by creating a sustainable, green community, built collaboratively through citizen engagement, environmental education, government partnership and innovative business development. The comprehensive Environmental Leaders program offers a group of local high school interns from Montgomery County, Maryland, the opportunity to spend the year learning about environmental stewardship, engaging with the community through volunteerism, and developing a significant project of their choosing. Year after year, the work completed by the Environmental Leaders is quite impressive. The Environmental Leaders are encouraged to research and write at least one blog post, with topic guidance and editing assistance from Bethesda Green staff. Some of last year's posts included "Plastics, Not all Created Equal" by Emily Wu and "Appearances can be Deceiving: The Truth About Compostable Utensils" by Paula Gonzalez Alvarez from Walt Whitman High School. During the spring portion of the internship, the students are also instructed to choose a topic related to environmentalism or sustainability and complete a project centered around that topic over the course of the semester. For example, Meera Shroff completed a six-episode podcast about single-use plastics covering their production, how they act in the environment, how recycling plays a part, and alternatives. "The future of our planet lies in the hands of today's youth, so education is one of the best tools for ensuring a sustainable future for all of us. We must educate our future leaders to make the right decisions for our planet. Spring Power & Gas is proud to continue its partnership with Bethesda Green and to be able to align itself with such an important cause." - Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations at Spring Power & Gas. About Spring Power and Gas Spring Power & Gas is an energy retailer offering innovative electricity and gas solutions to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Visit for more information. About Bethesda Green Bethesda Green is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that accelerates the sustainable economy locally with a focus on innovation through its innovation lab, on business impact through the Be Impact Initiative, and on Community Engagement through the Be Green Living Program. Visit to learn more about Bethesda Green. Media Contact: Nichola ClarkEmail: Press Release Service by Original Source: Spring Power & Gas Continues to Support Bethesda Green's Environmental Leaders Program

Apr 19, 2021

BioMedNewsBreaks – Healthy Extracts Inc. (HYEX) Expands Medical Board with Appointment of Triple-Certified Cardiologist

Healthy Extracts (OTCQB: HYEX), a leading developer and manufacturer of science-forward, clinically proven, plant-based and proprietary products for heart and brain health through its subsidiaries, BergametNA(TM) and Ultimate Brain Nutrients(TM), today announced that Dr. Joel Kahn, M.D., a world-renowned, triple board-certified cardiology specialist, has joined Healthy Extracts. According to the update, Dr. Kahn has utilized […]

Apr 19, 2021

Robert Thomas - Former CEO Infoblox and NetScreen - Joins Acreto Board

Robert Thomas Robert Thomas Joins Acreto Board CUPERTINO, Calif. - April 20, 2021 - ( Robert Thomas, Silicon Valley veteran CEO who led both NetScreen Technologies and Infoblox from startup to IPO, has joined Acreto's Board of Directors. As a serial CEO, advisor and investor, Robert has been at the forefront of the network and security industry since the beginning of his career. Robert led both NetScreen Technologies and InfoBlox from startup to highly successful IPOs, with over $7 billion in total market valuation. Robert currently serves as an advisor to several VC funds, including Sequoia and Andreessen Horowitz. "I'm impressed with Acreto's vision, management team and execution. As compute, storage, access and application delivery have all moved to the cloud, security has just not adapted. That is because it's hard. Acreto is the only technology I know of that has solved this problem in a meaningful way. They consolidate security across the hybrid infrastructure, all the while dramatically simplifying it," said Robert Thomas. "I'm very much looking forward to what the future holds for Acreto."    Robert brings 30 years of experience creating, building and managing profitable technology businesses to Acreto. As a key member of the Acreto Board of Directors, Robert will help support the company's strategic direction and growth as Acreto fundamentally changes how the world's most vulnerable systems are secured. Acreto provides comprehensive, end-to-end security that eliminates the need for products and complex security operations. Acreto delivers a cost effective, simple platform that protects today's complex hybrid infrastructure from the cloud. Acreto SASE+ Plus introduces unique patent-pending innovations, such as Secure Application & Data Interconnect (SADI), Nano-Segmentation, Network Wormholing and Ecosystem Security -- offering capabilities well beyond traditional products or SASE providers. "Robert's insight and experience in building success, along with his ability to strategically connect complex dots is unparalleled in the industry. I am honored and excited to have Robert join Acreto and consider him both a mentor and a friend," said Babak Pasdar, Acreto's CEO. About Acreto: Acreto is the first cloud-delivered, end-to-end connectivity and security platform that can connect and protect any technology, on any network, anywhere. Acreto SASE+ Plus delivers Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) functionalities for access technologies such as devices, networks, IoT / OT and third-parties; while Acreto Secure Application and Data Interconnect (SADI) connects and protects application delivery infrastructure such as clouds, SaaS, data centers and co-locations. Acreto SASE+ Plus is SASE plus SADI -- one platform with one interface from one provider for all of your technologies around the world. Media Contact: Patricia Cucolo Press Release Service by Original Source: Robert Thomas - Former CEO Infoblox and NetScreen - Joins Acreto Board

Apr 19, 2021

Krypton Disinfection Lighting Receives National Stock Numbers

Krypton Disinfection Lighting Solutions Granted National Stock Numbers (NSNs) Far UV Technologies, Inc. KANSAS CITY, Mo. - April 20, 2021 - ( Far UV Technologies, Inc. announced that its Disinfection Lighting products were granted National Stock Numbers (NSNs) by the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). This important designation ensures frictionless access to Far UV's Krypton Disinfection Lighting technology - a critical supply item that continuously disinfects the air and light-visible surfaces found in shared spaces. "Receiving these National Stock Numbers is a major step forward in our partnership with defense and other Government agencies," said PJ Piper, CEO of Far UV Technologies. "With fewer contract hurdles ahead, we look forward to seeing the positive impact our products make for government personnel both here in the United States and abroad." NSNs are 13-digit codes assigned to products that are routinely purchased, stocked and used as part of the larger federal supply system. Much more than a number, NSNs offer government agencies direct access to key information associated with products found in the federal supply, such as an item's manufacturer, dimensions and cost. These critical details support logisticians who manage military supplies that offer major benefits to the government employees and contractors they serve. Product Description Far UV Disinfecting Floor Lamp Far UV Ceiling-Mount Disinfection Light Far UV Ceiling-Mount Disinfection Light Model Number Krypton-Shield Krypton-11 Krypton-36 National Stock Number (NSN) 4230-01-694-1034 4230-01-694-1037 4230-01-693-2989 Ordering information  Email:  Phone: (816) 492-7020 Website: About Far UV Technologies, Inc. Far UV Technologies is enabling the eradication of dangerous pathogens leading to infectious disease in the built environment. Krypton™ air and surface disinfection lighting provides the first effective, safe, and easy-to-use countermeasure for airborne and surface contamination in occupied spaces, where transmission is most likely to occur. Krypton disinfection lighting has been rapidly deployed throughout the U.S. armed services and is also gaining rapid adoption in education, healthcare (medical and dental), transportation (airports, airplanes, buses and trains), commercial real estate and several other large important applications. Schools and even states are increasingly turning to Krypton disinfection lighting as the safest, fastest way to reopen and keep open. Hospitals and clinics are increasingly using Krypton disinfection lighting in entrances, lobbies, waiting rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms, patient rooms, dining facilities and ambulances to continuously reduce the viral load in those spaces, whether they have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2, the common cold or flu or hospital-acquired infectious diseases such as MRSA or C. Diff. Social distancing, wearing masks, better hand hygiene and vaccines have proven to be useful in reducing the spread of COVID-19 but these defensive measures are not enough alone to eliminate the risk until the viral load is eliminated. Adding Krypton Disinfection Lighting as another critical layer of proactive protection can help mitigate the remaining risks. Independent peer-reviewed studies have indicated that providing Krypton Far UV disinfection in occupied spaces can provide an equivalent layer of protection to everyone in them having an (extra) N95 mask on. Please visit to learn more. Press Contact:  Shawn Malek Sales and Marketing Manager Far UV Technologies, Inc Phone: +1 (816) 492-7020 Email: Related Files NSN Press Release - 042021.docx NSN Press Release - 042021.pdf Press Release Service by Original Source: Krypton Disinfection Lighting Receives National Stock Numbers

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