William Maddox Addresses an expected crowd of nearly 500

Jun 21, 2021

Singapore Commodities Summit

Edmonton, Alberta Jun 21, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - William Maddox of Blankenship and Rhienhardt Advisory will present a 5-day workshop on commodities trading here in Singapore Monday, June 21st, 2021 at 9 am.  William Maddox is considered to be one of the most successful Traders in the industry don't miss this extremely rare opportunity.

Course overview:

Effective commodity price risk management is a critical differentiator of business performance for any company producing, trading, consuming, or using commodities as part of their manufacturing or distribution process. Price volatility and increasingly complex commodity markets are the main influencing factors and companies that proactively and efficiently manage their commodity price risk gain a competitive advantage over their peers especially when it comes to profit margin. Bankers, trade financiers, and investors alike can also benefit from the vast risk appetite opportunities in commodities.

This practical training course has been designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive overview of the commodity derivatives markets, hedging strategies, and risk management techniques to effectively manage commodity exposure.

The first part of the programme is an introduction to the main commodity asset classes, their market structures, and the main players in the commodity markets. It also introduces the concepts of derivatives instruments used in commodity trading.

The second part of the programme focuses on how to manage commodity price exposure through hedging techniques using exchange-traded and over-the-counter ("OTC") derivatives. Drawing upon numerous examples, and through the use of industry-specific case studies and workshops, participants will learn several techniques for dealing with the scope and complexity of commodities trading and risk management. The course also explores the investment vehicles available for accessing commodity exposure and how trade and export financiers can mitigate against price movements of cargoes.

Practical learning:

The training has been optimised for virtual delivery, using technology to enhance traditional classroom teaching techniques to deliver genuinely interactive learning and networking experience irrespective of where a delegate is located. Each session is a combination of interactive lectures, group workshops, and real-life case studies to ensure key principles and concepts are understood and can be applied in practice.

Attend this comprehensive course and gain an in-depth overview of:

  • The mechanics of the main commodity markets including precious metals; base metals; energy; bulk commodities; agricultural and softs
  • Hedging techniques for the different commodities sectors
  • Techniques to manage commodities risk exposure
  • Exchange-traded and OTC commodity derivatives and their applications in risk management
  • Methods for de-risking commodities financing activities specific to export and trade finance
  • Selecting investment strategies appropriate to market conditions

Who should attend:


The course has been designed to be accessible to those with no prior exposure to commodity derivatives and to develop and enhance the knowledge of those already working with commodities.

It would benefit:

  • Commodities players
  • Physical market players
  • Credit and equity analysts in the commodity sector
  • Financiers
  • Investors
  • Traders
  • Treasury Managers
  • CFOs and Finance managers
  • Regulators and auditors

Basic knowledge of capital markets, financial mathematics and derivatives is assumed.


The delivery structure has been carefully designed to optimise participant engagement and build learning momentum while ensuring participants have sufficient time to attend to the most pressing matters in their daily roles. The course is delivered over five consecutive days, with each daily session lasting for 4½ hours and including several refreshments and networking breaks. Additionally, Bill Maddox will be available to answer individual questions at the end of and prior to each day's session.

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Source :Blankenship and Rhienhardt Advisory LLC

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